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TDM Working group of the CSCP

History back to top
The TDM working group of the Czech Socienty of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology was founded on November 11, 1992 in Prague following earlier founding of the International Association for Therapeutic Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology ( Since 1994, the working group has been organising the annual Czech TDM conference. In 1997 the DURG conference joined and in 1999 the conference of clinical pharmacology. In 2009 when the stand-alone Czech Society for Clinical Pharmacology was founded, the TDM working group became its part.

What TDM is back to top
TDM is an interdisciplinary field which, based on measurements of blood levels of drugs and other information (age, weight, height, gender, creatinine clearance, drug dose, time of administration and samples, concurrent medication and others) calculates such drug dose as to achieve a therapeutic optimum. TDM requires cooperation of specialists at three levels: analytics, interpretation, clinical medicine.

Aims of the TDM working group back to top
  • increase knowledge and understanding of analysis of blood levels of drugs and their interrretation
  • improve communication between clinicians and specialists of other fields involved in TDM
  • support effective use of TDM with the aim of optimising drug use in clinical practice with maximal clinical and economical benefit
Members and application back to top
All specialists involved in TDM (clinical pharmacologists, pharmacologists, cooperating physicians, analytists, biochemists, toxicologists, clinical pharmacists). Members of the Czech Society for Clinical Pharmacology and other societies of the Czech Medical Society of J.E.Purkyně can join free of charge, however non-paying members do not have a vote in the election of the Board.
Application for the TDM working group (.doc, in Czech).

Board of the working group back to top

MUDr. Ivana Kacířová

MUDr. Jana Tichá

RNDr. Hana Brozmanová, CSc.

Doc. MUDr. Milan Grundmann, CSc.
PharmDr. Jana Maláková , PhD.
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